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Best Cases

1. The Organization has conducted more than 30 anti-corruption investigations where materials have been submitted to law enforcement agencies and the cases were included to the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. There are some of them:

  • Investigation devoted to the New Year decorations of public parks; basing on the investigation materials the criminal proceeding has been started (Part 1, Part 2);
  • Prevention of the corrupt sharing of the 6.3 hectares of high-class land between the officials and the security forces. Land estimated value is about UAH 15 million (Part 1, Part 2);
  • Discovered a corruption scheme of embezzlement of public flats by local officials;
  • Detected the scheme of illegal installation of kiosks and corruption in connections related to the scheme;
  • Uncovered the scheme of budget funds theft for the purchase of street lamps;
  • Corruption among judges;
  • For the first time has collected the statistics on absentees among deputies of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council;
  • Revealed the 40 million corruption scheme in food supplies tenders for schools

2. We were the first team in Ukraine who successfully advocated and launched a reform of public procurement at the level of the entire region. Currently, 10 cities and all enterprises, subordinated to the regional administration conduct sub-threshold purchases via ProZorro system.

  • One of the largest advocacy campaigns in Ukraine.
  • We carry out regular training seminars for public officials working with the system. Our seminars have already visited more than 1,500 officials.
  • Regular meetings with local suppliers with the participation of city and regional authorities to maximize the involvement of entrepreneurs in ProZorro system and dispel the most common myths. The last meeting was attended by over 700 visitors
  • Our team of analysts provides daily monitoring of more than 150 lots in the system
  • Developed training course on ProZorro system for managers of budgetary funds. The course includes video tutorials, training materials and list of frequently asked questions
  • We carried out large-scale information campaign to promote e-procurement for suppliers of goods and services in Dnipropetrovsk region. The campaign included outdoor advertising, information seminars, distribution of useful materials and instructions

3. Civil Control team introduced a series of anti-corruption City Council Decisions at the level of Dnepropetrovsk city and Regional Administration. Each decision was accompanied by a powerful advocacy campaign

  • Decision № 37/62 from 03/11/2015 on the definition of information that is mandatory for publication on the City Council official website. The document completely eliminated the manipulation with concealment or delay in publication of the draft decisions of local authorities, greatly reducing the corruption risks.
  • Decision № 6/67 from 30/09/2015 on transition of the Dnipropetrovsk city to the system of electronic procurement ProZorro.
  • Decision № 24/7 from 27.04.2016 implementing mandatory publication of procurement plans of all budget units on the official portal of the city council (addition to the previously adopted Decision № 37/62).
  • Mayor Order №58-r dated 15.02.2016, simplifying entry into the premises of the City Council and the Session Hall.
  • Draft decision "On the participative budget" is submitted to the City Council for formal consideration. Adoption of this document will allow city residents to take part in the distribution of some part of the municipal funds.
  • Developed, signed and officially published Order of the Governor devoted to the implementation of a mandatory electronic queue in kindergartens thus eliminating the parallel "paper" queue that carried constant corruption risks. A similar Order was developed and signed by the Mayor of Dnipropetrovsk.
  • With our active assistance the service of electronic petitions is launched in Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration. At the city level a correspondent draft decision is published according to the formal procedure and to be voted at the City Council Session in March 2016).

4. Managed to advocate the mandatory publication of the budgets of all schools on the District Education Departments official websites in Dnipropetrovsk city.

5. The Organization suggested the overall Development Concept (Program) of transport infrastructure in Dnepropetrovsk city. This Concept significantly reduces the corruption component in the passengers’ transportation market and improves the service level. In the framework of this Concept:

  • the new sample of the contract between the Department of Transport and the carriers has been developed and implemented. The contract presupposes increased liability of transport companies and excludes potential corruption risks;
  • For the first time since 2013 an open tender for 70 city routes held and was followed by the completion of five-year contracts. This tender terminated the temporary three-month contracts that were a corruption scheme by its nature;
  • In cooperation with the managers of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration Transport Transparency Concept was developed and the open tender for suburban routes with online broadcasting of its all stages were held.
  • Measurement of the passengers’ traffic was carried out and the general algorithm of the fares calculation in accordance with the legal framework was developed. Thus, we have prevented excessive rising of fares by the carriers’ operating on the city routes
  • The GPS-location of all bus transport in Dnepropetrovsk region was brought online. Today the public transport can be tracked on mobile applications and Googlemaps. These measures made public transport more convenient and provided instrument for monitoring the deviations in traffic schedule and other contract terms in real time
  • The analysis of the city transport system based on actual measurements of passengers’ traffic and geographical features of the city was carried out. Recommendations for an overall concept of city public transport system were given.

 6. Coauthors of program of bicycle infrastructure in Dnipropetrovsk city

7. A large-scale analysis of the declarations of the City Council officials was made. It resulted in appeal forwarded to the Mayor and devoted to the discrepancy between the declared income and lifestyle of fifteen officials. Materials of the analysis were submitted to the police as well. Most of these officials are no longer keeping their positions.

8. Launched the “Civil Inspector” website. The resource allows to track the budget of any school in the city for the past three years as well as to learn about the other expenses of city public finances (is under construction). This greatly reduces the opportunities for corruption in schools and prevents overcharging by suppliers and contractors.

9. The educational project “Civil Activist’s Kitchen” started at the end of 2015. The project is aimed at the development of civil society in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The activities in the framework of Kitchen include delivering trainings on anticorruption measures, advocacy campaigns, reforms implementation, government & society interaction, public transport and the general principles of city management.

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